• Can an unlicensed handyman legally do any type of work the customer asked them to do?
  • Is it true a contractor's license is not requierd for a handyman to proform some job in the state of florida? 
  • Do i purchase the materiol or do you?
  • Do you charge by the hour or by the job?
  • What is your service area?

  • Can an unlicensed handyman legally do any type of work the customer asked them to do?                         No.A handyman can only do Cabinetry/countertops.- Downspouts /gutters.- Finish/trim carpentry (interior, such as paneling, sashes, baseboards).- Flooring (tile, wood or linoleum).- Hardscape (decorative type concrete, such as counter tops, landscape).- Landscape /planting (this trade is in the process of requiring a license).- Tree service/mowing.- Millwork - ready made wood products: doors frames and window sashes (does not allow installation).- Miscellaneous non-structural metal- Painting (interior or exterior) (contact the EPA on lead paint 800-424-5323)- Pavers.- Pressure cleaning.- Site work/lot clearing.- Toilet accessories or toilet partitions (this does not include replacement of any plumbing fixtures).- Wall-covering/wallpaper.- Asphalt/paving.- Fencing (wood or chain link).Note: A license is not required for drywall /lath, insulation or plaster/stucco when hired directly by a licensed general, building or residential contractor and for new construction only. The general, building or residential contractor must have workers compensation coverage. If contracting for anyone else a license is required.Marion County does not have a "handyman license.  
  • Is it true a contractor's license is not required for a hanyman to perform some jab in the state of florida?
    Yes, a handynam can do some job without a license, there is no such thing as a handyman license in the state of florida. 
  • Do I purchase materials or do you?
    Materials can either be provided by you, or we can purchase them for you. We do not mark up the cost of materials and strive to find the best deals without compromising quality. 
  • Do you charge by the hour or by the job?
    Some labor is charged by the hour, fence is charge by the foot and Deck is charge by sq ft. For larger jobs it is usually more cost effective to have a set price. Written estimates are provided upon request and the cost quoted for labor will not change unless the requirements change.
  • What is your service area?
    We serve central florida and surrounding areas